Global Neighbours

Year One - Fundraising for the RSPCA.

Year One raised £1,669.20 for the RSPCA by doing lots of animal moves around the playground.

Year Two Raising Money for Young Carers.

A big well done to our Year Two children who did a sponsored walk dressed in their pyjamas to raise money for Young Carers. The children were challenged to do 30 laps of the school playground. 

They raised an amazing £1030.50!!!

Red Nose Day 2022

Well Done Everyone!

We raised £156.65 for Comic Relief.

Global Neighbours Task Group Meeting - Spring Term

When we met this week we talked about the importance of charity and what we can do to raise money for charities that are important to us. The Year Two children shared how they were going to be doing a sponsored walk wearing their pyjamas, raising money for Young Carers. They chose this charity as it is linked to their Superhero topic - Year Two think young carers are superheroes! Year One explained that they were raising money for the RSPCA because their topic this half term is Animals. They recognised the importance of caring and looking after animals as well as the importance of pets for lots of people around the country. Year One are going to be doing an sponsored animal walk around the playground - we wonder how many animals they can be? Some of the task group who are members of our community or the school governors volunteered to join us when we do our important fundraising activities. Keep a look out on this page for how we did! 

Paddington Bear - Learning about Refugees

As part of their London topic, Year Two children learnt about what a refugee is by talking about Paddington Bear and the reasons he had to leave Peru. The children thought about how Aunt Lucy felt having to let Paddington go as well as how Paddington felt when he arrived in London. The children learnt how refugees fleeing their country sometimes do not have long to pack what they need. The children experienced this as they were given three minutes with their group to choose four items out of twelve given to them. They then drew these items in a suitcase. 

How would you feel if you had to leave your home and go to country you did not know? What would you take with you? 

Prayer Walk


Before Christmas, children, parents, teachers, governors and members of our church came together to pray for our community. We walked from the church to the brook (off Sutton Avenue) praying for different places and people along the route. It was a lovely evening and we felt that God was with us as we walked.  

Global Neighbours Task Group Meeting

Today was the first meeting of the 'Global Neighbours Task Group'. Children and staff met with governors and people from our local community via TEAMs to discuss what a neighbour was. The children gave lots of good examples of good neighbours and how helpful their own neighbours were. We talked about how neighbours are not just the people we live next door to but anyone who needs help. So that could be someone in our local community, in our country or even in the world. 

We then listened to story of 'The Kind Stranger' from the Lion Storyteller Bible. We thought about how Christians look after their neighbours. We decided that one thing they do is pray for people. We decided to pray for our community by doing our prayer walk. Mrs Metcalfe is going to plan it and send the information out the the parents. 

It was a fantastic meeting and the children were brilliant!

City of Culture Competition.

The children in Years One and Two have entered a design a window competition as part of this years ‘City of Culture’ activities. We were asked to think about Coventry in the future and our hopes for Coventry. The children’s designs were amazing. Some of the window designs included homes for everyone, flowers for the bees, rainbows to welcome people to Coventry and flying cars! Here are just a few….

The Good Samaritan

In Year One we have been learning about what Christians believe God is like. We have looked at two parables that Jesus told including the story of The Good Samaritan. We thought about what we could learn from this story and focussed on times when people had helped us. We wrote thank you letters to people in our community to say thank you. 

RED NOSE DAY! We had a fantastic day, dressing up and doing lots of fun activities. As a school we raised £220 - WELL DONE EVERYONE! 

Superheroes for Red Nose Day!

Today we became superheroes!

Some of us were Superman, Batgirl, Ironman or Spidergirl. But some of us were real life superheroes such as doctors, police or teachers! 

Design a red nose!

Lots of us took part in the 'Design a Red Nose' colouring competition. These are some of the amazing entries we received........

Afternoon Red Nose Day Activities.

During the afternoon the children did lots of activities,  learning about the work of Red Nose Day, thinking about how they could be superheroes, designing superhero costumes and playing fun games. 


As we were going home we were surprised to see some superheroes outside waving to us!