We have been learning in RE this term about why Christians place a cross in an Easter garden and how they might celebrate this special time of year. We have also been enjoying being part of the school Easter celebrations, with the amazing Easter gardens telling the story from the Bible.  Following this, we have also been learning about the power of both saying sorry and offering forgiveness in our everyday friendships. It has been lovely to hear them using these ideas independently to solve problems and maintain peace. 

Worship area

The children love our class worship area. They know it is a quite, safe space in the classroom and really enjoy writing prayers and putting them in our prayer box. 


Zone challenges

The children are loving our challenges in Reception. Each week the children have something to complete in each of the zones (eg painting a picture in the wet area, sorting tricky words in the classroom, building an obstacle course outside etc) and get a treat at the end of the week if they complete all the challenges. We have linked this to our school value of ‘responsibility’ as the children know it is up to them to complete these challenges and take ownership of their own learning. 

Naughty bus and transport topic

Lunar New year celebrations

We loved finding out about Lunar new year and the different countries that celebrate it. We especially loved our Chinese restaurant and trying the different food! 

Tricky words need to be read by sight so can indeed be tricky to learn! The children have been working so hard to learn them x

Astro girl/ Space topic

The children LOVED our space topic, finding out about different planets and astronauts. The Astro girl story we read has a lovely messaging about achieving your dreams x

Drawing Club - The Colour Monster

Jigsaw PSHE - we having been sharing about how we are all unique!

Funky fingers

Owl encounter!