Year 2

Malik Abha go and Lalo

We have worked in groups to create freeze frames for the story of Malik Bhago  and Lalo. 

Sikh artefacts

In RE we have been learning about Sikhism and asking questions about the different artefacts. We have explored how these artefacts are used by Sikhs. 


In design and technology we have been designing and making masks. 
We thought carefully about what type of villain or superhero we were making them for. 

Superheroes Hook Day

We had a wonderful day being introduced to our superheroes topic. We looked for key vocabulary and described our characters. In the afternoon we created a class cityscape. 


In gymnastics we have been working in pairs to create shapes and balances. 

School banner

We have worked as a whole school to create a banner reflecting our school values. In Year Two we have been stitching and decorating squares, we need to be resilient with this tricky task. 

Christmas decorations

In DT we have been making Christmas decorations. We worked in groups to decorate our classroom. 

Jigsaw lessons

In our Jigsaw lessons, we have been learning about the choices we make and how to treat everyone equally and how we would like to be treated. 

Super Sculptures

In art we have been making sculptures from clay and pipe cleaners. We had lots of fun changing the position of the people we made. 

Water aid

We have been learning about the Water Aid charity and how there are people who do not have access to clean water. Today we carried a bucket of water to see what it felt like to walk a long time with water. The bucket was very heavy. 

Building bridges

In science we have been learning about materials. Today we made bridges out of paper. We needed to scrunch, fold and bend the paper to make our bridges. 

Partitioning numbers

We have been learning about partitioning numbers and using tens and ones to show numbers to 100. 

Lego Hook Day

On Friday 15th September the children in Year Two had Collette visit school. Collette helped the children learn all about London and made some of the famous attractions out of Lego. We all had lots of fun and worked really well as a team. 


We had lots of fun exploring the school grounds for physical and human features. We found the church, roads, grass, flowers and many other things.