Our School Day

Our school day

Parents are encouraged to take their child directly to their classroom (via the main school gate and playground) from 8.40am. First lessons for our children begin promptly at 8.50am when our school day starts. It is therefore expected that children will have arrived in their classrooms before 8.50am.

Our school day ends at 3.20pm when parents can collect their child from their classroom door which leads directly onto the playground.

*Thematic learning sessions are when curriculum areas such as history, geography, art, DT, RE, e-safety, computing, PE and science are taught. PE is taught as 2 X 40 minute sessions per week. All other subjects are taught as separate ‘blocks’ of learning and are taught over 6-10 consecutive lessons spanning a 1-2 week period. (See ‘Our Curriculum’ for further information)