Late/Absence Procedures

Reporting Pupil Absence (illness)

Parents must inform the school office by 8.50am on the morning of their child's first day of absence. This can be done by contacting the school office by telephone on 02476 466309 and either speaking in person to a member of staff or by leaving a message on the school answerphone. Parents should give their child's name, class and reason for absence. (When reporting illness we will require the details of your child's illness e.g. high temperature, rather than 'unwell'.) Parents should also provide written confirmation of their child's absence upon their return to school.


Reporting pupil absence (medical appointment)

Children's medical appointments should take place outside of the school day whenever possible. Should this not be practical, then we require parents to provide us with advance notice of the planned absence, supported by written evidence e.g. hospital appointment letter.


Term time holidays

Term time holidays cannot be authorised by Head Teachers. Any term time holiday will be recorded as unauthorised and should its duration be in excess of nine half day sessions, a fixed term penalty notice fine will be issued. This currently stands at £60 per parent per child.




Absence due to exceptional circumstances

Exceptional circumstances are significant events (such as death or terminal illness of a close family relative) resulting in the child’s absence from school which could not have been planned in advance. Requests for exceptional leave should be made in writing to the Head TeacherExceptional leave requests will not be considered for pupil absences relating to events which can be planned in advance and/or which could have been planned to take place outside of the school day/term. (This includes family weddings.)


Our morning registers are called and our learning begins at 8.50am. In order to facilitate a prompt start to the day our main school gate opens at 8.40am which is the time at which our staff will begin to greet the children at their classroom door. It is expected that all children will have arrived in their classroom by 8.50am. Any child who arrives in their classroom after this time will be marked as being 'late'. 


In order to safeguard our staff and children our main school gate is locked promptly at 8.50am. Parents should ensure that they have left our school site before the gate is locked.


Should your child arrive at school after the main school gate has been locked then you will need to sign them in at our school office.