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Messages to RL

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Just to say....

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Our class are thankful for many things so we decided to write some letters just to let everyone know how thankful we are

Home learning week 3

We thought it would be nice to make everyone smile with our favourites jokes 😃

Week two — our messages for our friends

Our home learning- week 1- we are SUPERSTARS 🤩

Forest school- we went on a bird hunt and made nests for our own birds

Growing potatoes

Growing Potatoes

The children have been planting potatoes and learning about what plants need to grow and predicting how much it will grow after the holidays. 

More to follow 

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes


The children have began the story by having their very own pancake races. The children showed great perseverance and teamwork whilst taking part. They  have written some great shopping lists so I know what to buy for my pancakes. They have also been busy counting money for ingredients and weighing the ingredients in maths. The role play are turned into a fabulous pancake house for the children to role play taking orders and cooking the pancakes.
Alongside this they have been experimenting making their own houses from cocktail sticks and marshmallows or gummy sweets and making sure they do not fall down. 
We also enjoyed having the parents come and visit for ‘Come and share’ where they got to experience what we get up to during the day. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to share their learning with the grown ups that came to visit us. 

P.E. Games

In P.E. We having be learning about throwing and catching and working together  as a team and ensuring we all know how to support each other during games and that it doesn’t matter if we lose it’s all about enjoying the games and having fun to keep our bodies healthy. 

Chinese New Year


To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children have been learning about all of the different animals and why each year was named after them. They have also been trying out writing in Chinese.

We opened a Chinese restaurant in our wet area, where the children had to reserve a table before they could try the delicious food. They even used chopsticks to eat the food.

We had traditional costumes and decorations in our role play area. 

For P.E. We all had a go at Tai Chi, which was great fun and all the children were amazing. We definitely felt more relaxed afterwards. 

In P.E. this term we are looking at dance. Dance in Reception is great for children’s development which helps develop core strength, coordination and balance. We have began at looking at the story of ‘The Gruffalo’ and using this to promote dance moves to different types of music. We have tried out being a snake, a mouse, an owl the forest and of course the Gruffalo. The children have tried different movements according to which character they are and the type of music. The children are really enjoying these P.E. Lesson and it is amazing to see their imagination come to life. 

‘We’re going on a bear safari.’ We went on a great adventure to find some bears and find out about what bears need to survive. They looked at and gathered leaves for a shelter. They looked around the forget-me-not garden for food and they found plenty of flowers for the bees to make food. The looked in the pond for water for the bears to drink. We then followed the bear tracks to find some bears sleeping in the field. We all had great fun.

P.E. We enjoyed yoga this week. We acted out the different parts of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ with yoga moves.

Jigsaw PHSE a mindful approach to help build resilience and emotional literacy. We met Jerrie cat and Genie and we learnt to breath to the calming chime bar.

Jigsaw Genie helps us share our Feelings.
Jigsaw Jerrie cat reminds us to pause to think.