The day that the owl’s came to visit- hook day. We have learnt lots of new information about owls and we have been very lucky to have them visit us all the way from The Falconry centre in Hagley.

Just to say....

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Our class are thankful for many things so we decided to write some letters just to let everyone know how thankful we are

Forest school- we went on a bird hunt and made nests for our own birds

Growing potatoes

Growing Potatoes

The children have been planting potatoes and learning about what plants need to grow and predicting how much it will grow after the holidays. 

More to follow 

P.E. Games

‘We’re going on a bear safari.’ We went on a great adventure to find some bears and find out about what bears need to survive. They looked at and gathered leaves for a shelter. They looked around the forget-me-not garden for food and they found plenty of flowers for the bees to make food. The looked in the pond for water for the bears to drink. We then followed the bear tracks to find some bears sleeping in the field. We all had great fun.