How Egg-citing! 🥚🐥

We have been very lucky in Reception this week as we had some very egg-citing visitors come to stay with us, some chick and duck eggs! Today the chicks started to hatch out of their eggs and we even got to say hello to one of them in our classroom. It was super fluffy! 🐥🥚

We have green fingers! 🌿

This week we have been working hard in the garden transferring our plants from the greenhouse into our school allotment. 🌱 We have been exploring nature in our herb garden using our sense of smell and taste. We had so much fun exploring and planting.

Our new story for the next few weeks is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’🐛. Today we enjoyed reading the first half of the story and making predictions about what would happen next. We also talked about the life cycle of a caterpillar and how they turn into butterflies! We have also had a very special delivery with some little friends who are coming to visit and we have watched them grow into beautiful butterflies🦋

Pirate Day🏴‍☠️

Arrrghh you ready for Pirate day, because we sure arrrghhh! 🏴‍☠️

The Night Pirates 🏴‍☠️

❤️Red Nose Day 2022❤️

🧑‍🔬Science Day🧑‍🔬

Today was our school science day and every year group had a different science experiment. Our science experiment was to help make a waterproof umbrella for Incy Wincy spider to keep him dry from the rain! 

First we made our predictions by writing down the different materials we were going to test and put a tick or a cross whether we thought they would work or not and then we had a go at designing our own umbrellas and labelled them with the materials we were going to use! 

We tested different materials using the pipettes to drop the water on and see if we got Incy wet! We talked about how to make sure we did a fair test, so we had to make sure we used the same amount of water drops, held the pipette the same distance from the material and left the water for the same amount of time. 

We found that the plastic material was the most waterproof material and was the best material to make an umbrella for Incy Wincy spider so it was only right that we tested it out on Mrs Luntley! Miss Davies poured a watering can full of water over Mrs Luntley’s plastic bag umbrella and she stayed dry! 

🧑‍🔬👩‍🔬We are super scientists and we had so much fun experimenting!👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

📚World Book Day 2022📚

Today in PE we had our Balancability lesson where we practised our balancing skills using different equipment. We took it turns in groups using the push bikes, the trikes, scooters and the balancing boards. All of the children had a really good go at all of the different equipment and really enjoyed racing each other!🚲🤩

Our new topic for the next few weeks is all about Transport and our focus book is ‘Naughty Bus’ which is a super fun story!🚌 We had so much fun talking about the different types of transport and how they work. Some of you even went to visit Coventry Transport Museum to learn more about how transport has changed over time. We shared pictures of us learning to ride our bikes and scooters and we also got to try out our balancing skills in PE using different equipment. 

This week we started our new topic “People Who Help Us”. Our story for this topic is “A Superhero Like You” by Dr Ranj. We will be learning about the different real life superheroes that work hard everyday to help us! We have looked at some of the different jobs that real life superheroes have and what they do on a day to day basis. We also got to learn what some of our own grown ups do at work which was really interesting for us all! At the end of our learning we wrote some ‘Thankyou’ letters to the real life superheroes for all that they do! 🦸‍♂️

In the run up to Christmas we had a visit from one of Father Christmas’ naughty little elves, Tinsel. Tinsel has been causing havoc in our classroom over the last few weeks and poor Miss Davies and Mrs Bliss don’t know what to expect next! 

Snow Much Fun

We had SNOW much fun today in Forest School☃️🤩 we used the snow to make snow hedgehogs and found lots of sticks to make their spikes. We learnt that hedgehogs have over 5000 spikes in their back! Isn’t that amazing?🦔The children really loved exploring in the snow, even though it was super cold! 

This week we have been learning all about Space. We have enjoyed sharing the story Astro Girl and discussing what we would like to be when we grow up. We have also been learning all about our solar system and know the names of all of the planets and we know a super song to help us remember them! 🌍 We also built our own rocket which we have had so much fun using in our role play area🚀

Children in Need 2021

Reception Go On A Bear Hunt🐻

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed exploring in Forest School and going on a bear hunt of our own. We have talked about different habitats where animals live, what they eat and how they build their homes. Luckily we didn’t stumble across any bears! 🐻

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt🐻

We have really enjoyed our new story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Here is some of the amazing learning we have been getting up to in and outside of the classroom. We especially loved created our own bear hunt treasure maps! 🐻

Forest School🍂🐻

In Forest School we have been doing some more exploring and we have been on a bear hunt and a leaf hunt! We had to go into the forest and find the bears that were hiding there and then find them some food and some shelter. We used leaves and twigs to build the bears a home. We also went hunting for different types of leaves. We found crunchy leaves, soggy leaves, red leaves, orange leaves, nibbled leaves, big leaves and small leaves! They were all perfect for building our shelters for our bears to keep them warm and dry🍂🐻

This half term we have been practising lots at using our funky fingers with some really fun and messy activities! We are working our funky fingers to make them nice and strong to help us with our writing. The children have really enjoyed working in teams and challenging each other to see which team can finish the fastest and are already using their funky fingers to do some amazing writing! Our favourite was the messy spaghetti cutting, it was so much fun!🤩🖐

Talk for Writing- Owl Babies🦉

Still image for this video
We have really enjoyed reading and exploring our story ‘Owl Babies’. Over the last week the children have been learning to retell the story using Makaton actions. The children worked really hard and are becoming amazing storytellers🤩

Forest School🍂🦔

Every Monday the Wildlife Trust come into school to run Forest School sessions🍂🌿 We have talked lots about woodland creatures, birds and the outdoor area. We have have been explorers and used binoculars to try and find birds up in the trees. We also had a go at building our own nests using leaves, sticks and feathers. This week we went on a bug hunt and collected different insects in our pots to have a closer look! The children have really enjoyed these sessions and have lots of interesting comments and questions about the things we have been discovering🦔🐿🍂

The children have also been learning about the seasons of the year and Autumn. The children have enjoyed lots of different activities exploring Autumn and talking about the changes that we can see around us. We have been collecting leaves and twigs from the outdoor classroom to create different pictures and collages. We have also collected lots of natural resources to explore in our investigation station, such as feathers, pine cones, flowers and a spider!🕷 We also have a class caterpillar that we found. We are enjoying watching him grow and this has been really exciting for the children! 

What a Hoot!🦉

We have been reading the Owl Babies story and we were very lucky to meet 4 real owls and a Peregrine Falcon! The children really enjoyed watching the owls fly and learning some interesting facts about the owls. I am really impressed with how well the children sat quietly and that lots of them put their hands up to ask questions about the owls🦉🤩

Owl Babies🦉📖

Our first story we are learning about is ‘Owl Babies’. We have been learning lots of facts about Owls, exploring their habitats and talking about the different seasons in the year. We have been very creative and have made our own owls, built owl nests in the outdoor classroom and made yummy chocolate owl nest cakes. The children have really enjoyed the Owl Babies story and are really good at joining in with key phrases in the story. We have learnt that “Owls think a lot!” and Bill really wants his Mummy!🦉

The children have really enjoyed their first few days at school. We have been making new friends and exploring the different areas in our classroom. There are so many different activities for us to learn and play with. We have enjoyed our carpet times playing different games to get to know each other and we even tried some Cosmic Yoga! Namaste🧘‍♀️

Welcome to St. Andrews Reception. The children have settled really well into Reception and have been making new friends and meeting all of the teachers, enjoying lots of exciting activities and having lots of fun!✏️🍎