The children had SO much fun at sports day today. They all tried their best, were supportive to each other and had lots of fun!! Well done everyone!

Balloon powered cars

The children (and staff) had so much fun making these balloon powered cars in our D&T lesson! We worked in pairs to design and then make them and then had lots of fun blowing them up and watching them go... Whoosh!!

'Super' writing!

This week the children created their very own superhero - we had all sorts of amazing ideas- Darkness girl, Weather boy, Ice girl, Lollipop girl, Slushy boy and many many more! They then planned and wrote a story of an adventure for their superhero! The children worked so incredibly hard and their stories were imaginative and had some amazing vocabulary. I really enjoyed reading them!

Comic strips

This week in art the children have been creating 'Comic strips' - as part of our superhero topic. They talked about bold colours, dark outlines, movement lines, speech bubbles and sound effects. They really enjoyed creating them and the finished products look amazing!!

Real life superheroes

As part of our 'Superhero' topic, this week in History we have been learning about 'Real life superheroes'. These included people such as Edward Jenner, William Wilberforce and Amelia Earhart. The children loved learning about the amazing things these people did in their lives and all agreed that they are superheroes!

Talk for writing- Supertato

The children have worked so incredibly hard this week, learning the 'Supertato' story, making a story map and then writing their own version of the story. The children were so imaginative and came up with some excellent ideas such as... an evil eggplant, an evil tomato, super strawberry and lots more. Their stories were really fun to read!

Superhero Hook day

2O had a fantastic day on their 'hook' day for our superhero topic. The Evil Pea from the 'Supertato' story stole our marble jar and we spent the day solving clues, doing code breakers, making wanted posters and designing traps. I think 2O would all make amazing superheroes!

I am so so SO proud of all the 2O children that are at home working hard. They have been learning their times tables, practising their spellings, learning about possessive apostrophes, learning about jungles and the artist Henri Rousseau and lots LOTS more. Keep up the great work 2O!

Art- Super Sculptures

This week in art we looked at the work of different sculptors and then created some of our own work inspired by them. We made pipe cleaner people and positioned them in different poses, shape people and kinetic wind sculptures. 

Non fiction work

This week we have been learning the difference between 'fiction' and 'non fiction' texts. We looked at lots of non fiction books spotting all the features they contain such as contents page, headings, photographs, diagrams, index, glossary etc. We then used our knowledge of non fiction texts to write our own piece of information writing about London. 

Our book corner

The children love reading a book from the book corner (which is full of books linked to our current topic- Life in the city) They get so excited when they spot something in the book that they have been learning about in lessons.

Story writing

This week the children created story maps to re-tell the 'Walk in London' story. They edited their story maps, added interesting vocabulary and then wrote the story. As this was the 'hot write' week, this meant they did all this with no help. Their stories were amazing!

Geography-Map makers

The children have loved learning all about maps this week. They have created treasure maps, maps of our school and a map for a make believe town. They learnt about compass points as well as what a 'key' is and how it can help you read a map.

Lego 'hook day'

Today the children had their 'hook day' for our London topic. We had a visit from the 'Lego Lady' and built lots of famous London buildings. The children worked brilliantly as a team and created some fantastic landmarks. 

Geography-Life in the city

This week in Geography, the children have learnt about 'human' and 'physical' features. We went for a walk around the school grounds spotting them and also talked about human and physical features in London. 

Talk for writing

The children have enjoyed reading the 'Katie in London' book (as part of our London topic). This week we created a map of the story, edited it, added some vocabulary and then had a go at writing the stories themselves. They worked incredibly hard and their stories are terrific!