Today we had a visit from an architect from RIBA. We found out all about what architecture means and what an architect does. We then had GREAT fun designing our own building or choosing an existing London building and then made it using lots of junk modelling materials. We think our creations looked AMAZING!

Non- fiction writing

This week we looked at non-fiction books finding out about their features. We then went on a 'fact hunt' around the classroom looking for facts about London and wrote our own information piece of writing all about London. 

Science- Exploring everyday materials

We have had lots of fun this week in science learning about materials. Two of our favourite activities were carrying out an investigation into which materials can change shape when we twist, bend, stretch them etc. Also we had a GREAT time investigating how to make a paper bridge strong enough to hold a toy car.

Map work

We have had fun learning about maps and how they can help us. We have talked about human and physical features on a map as well as learning about keys. We created a 'plan view' of the classroom to show what it looks like from above and created a great treasure map which we had to navigate around using directional language. 

Lego hook day!

We had a great time on our Lego hook day. We talked about lots of the London Landmarks and then created them using Lego. We then put all of our creations together to make our very own London! We had a great day and it has made us so excited to learn more about London this half term.