Sharing stories

This afternoon the Year two children went to Reception class and read them their stories that they had written this week. It was lovely to see the children interact with each other and the Year Two's share their knowledge and skills. 

Super Maths!

Super Maths! 1
As well as all the superhero work they have been doing this half term the children have been 'super' in their maths lessons too! We have started learning about multiplication and putting objects in equal groups. They have really enjoyed learning this new skill.


D&T 1
D&T 2
The children have had great fun in D&T this week creating these wonderful pop up pictures, again, linked to our superhero theme. We looked at two different types of pop up mechanisms (flaps and springs). They also made these wonderful superhero cars. They first had to design it with a partner, create a name for their vehicle and then construct it. The children also had fun racing their cars to see how fast they could go!

'Super' art work!

As part of our Superhero topic, the children created these amazing drawings in the style of a comic book strip. We talked about the techniques needed such as bright colours, dark outlines, movement lines, speech and think bubbles and sound effects. The children loved doing them and we think they look amazing!


As part of our Superhero topic the children create a villian in art today. They had to think about what it would be called and what powers it might have. 


This week in Geography the children have enjoyed learning about explorers such as Sylvia Earle and Roald Amundsen. The children learnt lots of new facts, found out about the 5 oceans and also designed a 'Villians base' (linked to our Superhero topic) that they then made a map for with a key. 


The children enjoyed reading the Supertato story this week. As part of our 'Talk for writing' process we created a story map of the story, edited it, added lots of interesting vocabulary and then had a go at writing it. The children came up with some amazing ideas- including the Supertomato needing to defeat the Evil Onion!!

Possessive apostrophe

Possessive apostrophe 1
The children love reading the books in our book corner (which are always linked to our current topic- this half term it's Superheroes) And after our English lesson today on possessive apostrophes, the children decided that they wanted to look in the books to see if they could find any- and they did!

Real life Superheroes

In history this week the children have been learning about 'real life superheroes'. These are people that have changed the world with their achievements, e.g. Edward Jenner, William Wilberforce and Amelia Earhart. The children have LOVED learning lots of new facts.

Superhero hook day

The children arrived at school today to a big shock. An area of the classroom was destroyed and our marble jar had gone! Soon after, a letter arrived from the 'Evil Pea' from the Supertato story, saying that he had taken our marble jar and we wouldn't get it back until we had solved the clues he had left us.

The children had great fun solving the clues, designing their own superhero, practising superhero skills in the hall, making wanted posters and using their D&T skills to make traps to catch the Evil Pea. This superhero hook day certainly got the children excited for their next topic!


Delightful decorations!

The children worked so so hard this week creating some amazing baubles. They designed what they wanted their bauble to look like, made it (by sewing) and then evaluated it too. The finished product looked amazing!!

The Snowman

The children have loved looking at The Snowman story. They created their own story map to retell the story, edited it to make it their own and then added lots of interesting vocabulary to their story map too. The children then had a great time writing their story and they all included lots of interesting vocabulary that they had 'magpied'. Their stories were a pleasure to read!

Talk for writing

Our current 'talk for writing' book we have been looking at is Emily Brown and Father Christmas. We created a story map to help re-tell the story, edited it and then added lots of interesting vocabulary to make the story even better! 

Also, take a look at our Magpie wall! Every day in guided reading over the past couple of weeks the children have been 'magpie-ing' lots of interesting words and phrases in order to add them to their own writing. What an amazing list we have already!


Our topic this half term is Christmas!! To start off our topic our hook this time was an 'enterprise day'. The children made lots of Christmassy items to sell at our Christmas fair to raise money for an end of term treat. We made Reindeer hot chocolate cones, tree decorations and present tags. The children then came up with sensible prices for each item and created posters to display around school to advertise our stall. 

Non-fiction texts

The children have been learning about the features of non-fiction texts and had a great lesson looking through lots of books, sticking post- it notes where they found the various features, e.g. headings, subheadings, captions, labels, photographs, bold words, contents page etc. 


The children have been learning about how different materials can be changed shape. The children came up with a great list, including, 'squashed', 'stretched, 'bent' etc. The children were also introduced to the words- 'flexible' and 'rigid'. They then had the chance to explore a huge variety of objects and investigate if they could be changed shape.

Math's Vocabulary

Math's Vocabulary 1
The children carried out a math's investigation on adding and subtracting numbers. One of their tasks was to think about the different vocabulary involved when adding and subtracting. The children worked really hard and worked well as a group to think about what each of the words meant. 

Science Investigation

This week in science we have been talking about materials. We have been thinking about what objects are made from and why it is a good choice of material, e.g. a window is made from glass because you can see through it. We thought about what a good choice of material would be for a tent. We tested a variety of materials to see if they were strong, waterproof and opaque. We then had lots of fun making our own tents. 

Biscuit Big Ben

Look at this AMAZING Big Ben Phoebe has made!

It tastes as good as it looks- thumbs up from everyone!

Our book corner

Our book corner 1
The books in our book corner are all related to our half termly topics (life in the city) This means that when there is a bit of spare time or when the children have finished their work, they can choose a book and still be gaining lots of knowledge on our topic. The children get very excited when they spot something that is linked to what we have been learning!

Map work

Map work 1
Map work 2
This week the children have been learning lots about maps, keys and using directional vocabulary. One of the tasks this week was to create a treasure map and then with their partner- use lots of directional vocabulary to navigate their way around the map. Another task was to design a town using a key to show where they would place certain features and explain why- I particularly liked Finley's thinking....

Talk for writing- Katie in London

The children have enjoyed listening to the Katie in London story. We made a story map of the story and retold it using actions. We then made some changes (such as instead of going to St Paul's Cathedral- they went to Wembley stadium!) The children then all added some interesting vocabulary to make the story even better!

Church lane walk

Church lane walk 1
Church lane walk 2
Church lane walk 3
As part of our 'life in the city' geography topic, we went on a walk down Church lane. The children spotted lots of human and physical features in the environment and then came back to school and produced some lovely writing and art work about what they saw. 

Magpie book update!

Magpie book update! 1
The children are loving their magpie books and WOW! Look at all these incredible words Darcey 'magpied' which she will be able to use in her writing in the future.


Geography 1
As part of our topic work about 'cities' we learnt about what capital cities are. We used Atlases to match some countries and their capital cities.


Jigsaw 1
Today 2O had their first jigsaw PSHE lesson with Jigsaw Jo and Jerrie the cat. We talked about our hopes and fears for the year and who we can turn to for support. 

Lego city day!!

The children had a great day learning about the different features of a city. The day started off with a team building activity where the children had to work together to create a line of lego from one side of the hall to the other.  After this, we discussed what you might find in a city. The children then built the different places which we joined together to create a fantastic lego city!

Magpie books

Magpie books 1
Magpie books 2
Welcome to Year 2! A big focus for us this year is to use really interesting vocabulary in our writing and the children had great fun today using their new 'magpie' books. These books are for the children to record any interesting words they hear/see/read, which they can then use in their future writing. 


London 1
Our topic this half term is 'Life in the city' and in particular- London. The children have loved learning this week about the famous buildings in London and we used construction materials to make some. Here is Big Ben!