Portraits of Queen Elizabeth 2nd

We created these amazing portraits of the Queen using the 'youdoodle' app on the IPAD. 

Fruit kebabs

In our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about healthy eating. We made these tasty fruit kebabs.

Transport hook day

We had lots of fun on our transport walk looking for lots of different types of transport. We made a tally chart to record our findings.

Henri Rousseau

We have loved finding out all about Henri Rousseau in art this week. We have found out all about his life, his work and even had a go at creating some of our own jungle inspired' art work, including these amazing animal masks.

Science day

We had lots of fun on science day carrying out an investigation into the best material for a superhero cape. We tested lots of materials for strength, flexibility and if they were waterproof. Because we used so many scientific investigation skills in the morning (e.g observing, predicting, recording data, asking questions etc) we had a special treat in the afternoon...another investigation testing our taste buds using skittles!!

Rainforest Dave

We had so so much fun when Rainforest Dave came to visit. He showed us lots of different insects as well as giving us SO many facts about the rainforest. We even had our faces painted and made tribal necklaces.

We have had a great day today carrying out lots of World book day activities. We went on a book scavenger hunt, played book bingo, played charades and lots more! 

Super scientists!

The children have loved learning all about plants. We carried out an investigation into how light affects plant growth. The cress by the window is growing nicely (as we predicted) and the cress in the cupboard is droopy and brown!

We also used Ipads to research facts about plants and also read seed packets and went for a walk around school to see where would be a good spot to plant the seeds based on the information on the seed packet.

Balloon powered cars

We had SO much fun in D&T this week designing and creating a car for a superhero- powered by a balloon. The children loved making them and had lots of fun blowing them up and watching them go. Whoosh!! We even had races with our cars. 

Superhero masks

We designed our very own Superhero masks and then made them. We think they look fantastic and have really brightened up our door!

We have had lots of fun in Geography this week. We found out about the five oceans. We also found out about Roald Amundsen's brave journey to Antarctica. Finally we talked about maps and keys and even made our own map for a Villians base (we then had great time making it from lego)

History- Real life Superheroes

This week in History we have been learning about 'real life superheroes'. These are people from the past that did amazing things that have made our world a better place now. People such as Edward Jenner, William Wilberforce, Amelia Earhart and more. We all LOVED learning about them and all agree that they are 'real life superheroes'!

Year 2 defeat the Evil Pea!

Year 2 had a great day defeating the Evil Pea! We arrived at school this morning to find he had destroyed our classroom and stolen our marble jar. We had to be superheroes for the day and solve the clues to get it back. We also made Wanted posters to warn other people about him. The day definitely got us 'hooked' in ready for our Superhero topic this half term. 

Amazing maths!

Here is some of the fabulous Maths that the children have been doing so far in year 2. We started off the year adding together two 1 digit numbers and now we are able to work out problems that involve adding and subtracting two 2 digit numbers! We are Maths superstars!

ESR- Being Thankful

This week in our ESR lessons we have been thinking about how lucky we are and what we need to be thankful for. We discussed the ways in which lots of people help us and what we can do to thank them. We looked at things we have that are made in other countries (sometimes by children our own age!). We found out about a girl who lives in Africa, called Ode, who picks Cocoa pods. 

We had a great time looking at some winter poems. We looked at one poem called- 'I love winter', learnt it off by heart and performed it to the class with a partner. The next day we even had a go at writing our own versions of the poem.

Cutting skills

We spent the afternoon practising our cutting skills. We had different Christmas shapes to cut out to make a picture.

D&T- Delightful decorations

We had so much fun learning to sew to create our very own felt bauble for our Christmas tree!

Talk for writing- The Snowman

We LOVED watching the story of the snowman this week! We thought the snowman was really funny and we loved the music too. We created a story map of the story (including really great vocabulary that we've magpied this half term) and had a go at writing the story too.

BBC Bitesize- RE

This afternoon we had a great time 'testing' out some new materials for the BBC bitesize website. We learnt about the Sikh and Hindu places of worship and had to take part in a questionnaire answering lots of questions about what we liked about the online materials.


We have enjoyed learning all about a new Religion- Judaism! We found out about lots of different artefacts, read and wrote the story of Hanukkah, found out all about Shabbat and had great fun playing the dreidel game. 

Christmas hook day

We had a great time on our hook day for our Christmas topic this half term. The children designed and created their own bauble, made hot chocolate reindeer cones and learnt a Christmas dance.

Our Prayer space

The children are really enjoying our prayer space this half term. Our theme is 'empty plate' -being grateful for all the food we have and thinking of those who don't have as much as we do. The children have been writing lots of their own prayers.

Super sculptures!

We had a great time in our art lessons this week learning about what a sculpture is and about different sculptors. We created the human form from different materials such as shapes and pipe cleaners. We also learnt about kinetic sculptures and made our very own wind sculpture.

Today we had a visit from an architect from RIBA. We found out all about what architecture means and what an architect does. We then had GREAT fun designing our own building or choosing an existing London building and then made it using lots of junk modelling materials. We think our creations looked AMAZING!

Non- fiction writing

This week we looked at non-fiction books finding out about their features. We then went on a 'fact hunt' around the classroom looking for facts about London and wrote our own information piece of writing all about London. 

Science- Exploring everyday materials

We have had lots of fun this week in science learning about materials. Two of our favourite activities were carrying out an investigation into which materials can change shape when we twist, bend, stretch them etc. Also we had a GREAT time investigating how to make a paper bridge strong enough to hold a toy car.

Map work

We have had fun learning about maps and how they can help us. We have talked about human and physical features on a map as well as learning about keys. We created a 'plan view' of the classroom to show what it looks like from above and created a great treasure map which we had to navigate around using directional language. 

Lego hook day!

We had a great time on our Lego hook day. We talked about lots of the London Landmarks and then created them using Lego. We then put all of our creations together to make our very own London! We had a great day and it has made us so excited to learn more about London this half term.