Henri Rousseau

In Art this week we have been learning about Henri Rousseau. We learned a little bit about his life and enjoyed creating some pieces of art work in his style. We used bright colours, strong outlines and oversized flowers! We also made animal masks to show some of our favourite animals in the rainforest! 

Our Sponsored Walk

Year 2 were set a mission to raise as much money as they could for a charity of their choice! We chose to raise money for ‘Young Carers’ as we believed that they were real life superheroes. We also had to choose how we were going to raise money. We decided to come to school dressed in our pyjamas and walk 30 laps of our playground! We had SO much fun and raised over £1100 for our charity. 


We had lots of fun celebrating Science week. We enjoyed investigating which material would be best to make a superhero cape. We were testing to see if materials were waterproof, strong and flexible! We predicted that the plastic bag would be the best and we were correct! 

During the afternoon we enjoyed a special Science treat. We tested the effectiveness of our taste buds by guessing the flavours of yummy skittles! 

We had an AMAZING hook day to our new topic. Rainforest Dave came to visit our school. We enjoyed sketching some wonderful creatures, we made our own tribe necklaces, watched rainforest documentaries and even had the chance to hold some real rainforest creatures! We had the BEST DAY EVER! 

On World Book Day we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. We took part in lots of activities including drama, designing a new front cover and even story book BINGO. We had so much fun! 

Let’s Investigate!

During Science we have been learning all about plants. We decided to investigate the affect of light on germination. As a class, we planted cress seeds onto plant pots. We put some cress plant pots by the window with lots of light and some cress plant pots in the cupboard so that it is really dark! We tried hard to ensure that our investigation was a fair test by keeping the plant pots, the room temperature, the amount of water and the amount of soil the same. We will wait and see to see which condition is best to grow cress! 

We made our own wonderful superhero masks. We are officially superheroes now! 

2F’s Jigsaw Challenge

In Jigsaw (PSHE) we had to set ourselves a class challenge! Our challenge was to learn how to count to ten in French and to also learn how to sing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in Spanish. We worked really hard to keep practising and we definitely mastered it in the end! Well done 2F! 

Possessive Apostrophe

In English we have been learning how to use a possessive apostrophe. We worked in our table groups to write as many sentences as we can using the possessive apostrophe correctly. For example, ‘Miss Faulconbridge’s hair is blonde’. 


Designing and Building a Villain’s Secret Base!

During Geography we designed own own map of a villain’s secret base. We added lots of features and included them in our key. After we used our map to build our villain’s base out of Lego. It was so much fun! 

To the Evil Pea...

In English we wrote letters to the Evil Pea. We told him a little bit of information about ourselves and how it is important not to steal other people’s things! 


YEAR 2 TO THE RESCUE! On Friday year 2 walked in the classroom to find that the classroom had been DESTROYED. Miss Faulconbridge’s pens were on the floor, our teddy bears had been strapped up, some worksheets had been ripped up and our marble jar had disappeared. What a disaster! We discovered that the Evil Pea had taken our marble jar. How dare he! Throughout the day, we solved many riddles, clues and cracked a code to get our marble jar back. Eventually, we defeated the Evil Pea. 

We had so much fun! 

Christmas Cutting

We practised our cutting skills to create Christmas pictures. 

Christmas Baubles

In design and technology we looked at different Christmas tree decorations. Afterwards, we made our own bauble. We had to carefully sew two pieces of felt together. We can’t wait to hang them on our Christmas trees! 

Jewish Artefacts

We enjoyed exploring Jewish artefacts. We asked questions about each artefact. 

We had SO much fun on our hook day. As our topic is Christmas, we were put into the Christmas spirit super early this year! We enjoyed taking part in 

lots of Christmassy activities including hot chocolate cone making, Christmas dancing and bauble decorating. 

Kinetic Sculptures

We made kinetic sculptures and enjoyed going outside to test them in the wind. 


We were SO lucky and had a very special visitor... an architect! We enjoyed designing our own buildings and building them out of junk modelling equipment. It was so much fun! 

Nature Artwork

We created beautiful art work out of nature. 

Investigating in Science!

During Science we investigated whether paper would be a good material to make a bridge. In teams, we tried to make a bridge which would hold the weight of a toy car. As a class, we found that paper is not a good material to make a bridge because it’s too weak!  

Non-Fiction Texts

This week in English we are learning about non-fiction texts. We have learned some features of non-fiction writing including a contents page, bold text, glossary, photographs and captions. We enjoyed looking through non-fiction texts in our classroom to label some of the features that we could see. 

During Geography we enjoyed learning about directional language including North, South, East and West. We used treasure maps to give our partners directions to get to the treasure. We tried to use directional language such as ‘take two steps East and one step North’. We did a superb job! 

During art, we applied our learning from Geography by drawing physical and human features of London. We used felt tips, paint and oil pastels. It was so much fun!

Church Lane

This week in Geography we are learning all about physical and human features. We went for a walk down Church Lane to search for physical and human features. We saw physical features such as empty fields, green grass and tall trees. We saw human features such as a tall church, St Andrews school and a big house. 

We have had so much fun in our Lego workshop. As a class, we worked together to build London. We built Big Ben, the Tower of London, Hyde Park, the River Thames, the London Underground, Tower Bridge, London Zoo, Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. 

Tens and Ones

In maths we have been learning all about place value. We have been learning to partition numbers to 100 into tens and ones.