A walk down Church Lane

During geography 2F went on a walk down Church Lane. We went to look at physical and human features. We saw physical features such as tall trees, fresh grass and green bushes. We saw human features such as grey roads, a tall church and strong gates. We had lots of fun learning outdoors, especially as the weather was glorious! 

Katie in London

Still image for this video

During talk for writing (English), we added actions to help us remember the story of Katie in London. Here is video to show you part of our story. 

We had the best afternoon with LEGO City. We had so much fun learning about the different buildings in a city. We worked in teams to build schools, fire stations, police stations, train stations and lots more. 

Religious Education

During RE this week we are learning about Islam. We have learned that Allah is the Arabic word for God. During the lesson we discussed that some things in life exist but we can’t see them, just like God. We thought about where we think God might be. The children produced beautiful art work to portray their thoughts. 

Constructing London Landmarks

Our topic this half term is ‘Life in the City’. On Friday the children had lots of fun using lego or knex to build famous landmarks in London. The children particularly loved making the London Eye and Big Ben. 

Building Our Writing Toolkit

In English this half term we are learning how to write a recount. We are using ‘Katie in London’ to help us with our learning. We looked at an example of a perfect recount and worked in partners to find which parts of the recount we thought were excellent. After that, the children used the recount to make their ‘writing toolkit’. They thought of ‘tools’ that they will need to write a recount such as past tense, adjectives and using time words such as next and after that. The word ‘tall’ reminds the children that they need work on their handwriting, particularly making sure that they make tall letters (d, l, t) tall, and short letters (a, e, u) short.