In English we have been learning about non fiction books. We looked at the different features of non fiction books such as photographs, contents page, bold writing and labels. We enjoyed going through our own non fiction books and labelling what features we could find. 



Super Sculptures

We enjoyed making a new class friend out of pipe cleaners. It was very fiddly! We used three different pipe cleaners. One for the body, one for the legs and one for the head. We really persevered as it was very tricky! We all named our new friends and put them into poses. For example, a running pose, a sleeping pose, etc. We laughed lots during this lesson 😊. 


During art we had so much fun making tangram people. We used different shapes for the different parts of the body. Our challenge was to try and fit it all on one page! 

During PE we really enjoyed getting the equipment out to do our class circuit. We practised skipping, running up ladders, throwing and catching, throwing bean bags and balancing. We had lots of fun! 


Miss Faulconbridge cleaned our equipment afterwards so that it is safe for use for other bubbles in our school 😊. 

London by 2F

LEGO HOOK DAY! Wowie. Monday morning was a brilliant start to our week. We enjoyed having a fun-filled morning building London out of Lego. We made Buckingham Palace, London zoo, Hyde Park, the River Thames, 10 Downing Street, Big Ben, the Tower of London, double decker buses, the underground tube and Tower Bridge. It was so much fun!


Tens and Ones

In maths we have been learning about tens and ones. We have used diennes to help us. We know that 84 has 8 tens and 4 ones and the number sentence is 80 + 4. 

Katie in London

During talk for writing we have been learning the story of Katie in London, we created a story map and learned to chant the story. After that we edited the story. For example, instead of visiting St Paul’s Cathedral, they went to Wembley stadium to watch an England game! 

Physical and Human Features

This week in geography we have been learning all about physical and human features. We went on a walk around our school outdoor area to search for what physical and human features we could see. We saw physical features such as tall trees, green grass and crunchy leaves. We saw human features such as our school building, a concrete playground and our wooden log cabin.