At home the children have written beautiful acrostic poems to describe their wonderful personalities. The children have thought really carefully about their choice of adjectives. Well done 2F! You are amazing!

This week the children have written their own beautiful poems where all lines start with ‘I like...’.

I really enjoyed reading these poems. The children have been so creative and it’s great to see all of their personalities shine through their poems! Well done children. I’m really proud of how hard you are all working. You are super stars! 

This week the children have been working hard at home to research the artist, Kandinsky. They had lots of fun using the internet to research key facts and look at Kandinsky’s style of art work. They all produced their own beautiful pieces of art work all in the style of Kandinsky. Well done children! I am so so proud of you. 

Messages from St Andrews

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A message from us all at St Andrews! We miss you children xxxxxxx

2D Shape Pictures

The children have been busy drawing great pictures using 2D shapes! Well done everyone!

Months of the Year

2F have been busy preparing for the junior school. The junior teachers asked the children to practise spelling the months of the year so the children have all been working really hard to produce colourful posters!

Super work 2F!

Our Favourite Book Characters

At home the children have been working really hard and reading lots! They have drawn some fantastic pictures of their favourite book characters. 

Over the next few weeks, the children will be writing their friends letters or drawing pictures to keep in contact with each other. I will upload them onto here for you all to see 😊. Keep checking everyday because more letters might come! 








The children have had lots of fun getting creative and drawing portraits of their family members. The children included lots of detail and coloured their pictures in beautifully! Super work 2F. 

Bug Hunts!

The children have had lots of fun going on bug hunts in their gardens. They have also spent time researching and creating posters about habitats. Well done guys!

Art to brighten up our days!

I thought I’d post some lovely bits of artwork that the children have done at home. Stay safe, healthy and happy everyone! 

Letters to Miss Faulconbridge

As part of our home learning, the children were asked to write a letter to me to let me know what they have been up to. They were fantastic! The children used lots of adjectives, adverbs and different types of punctuation. 

Well done everyone, keep up the good work! 

The Butterfly Farm

Last Thursday we really enjoyed our hook day at the Butterfly Farm. We loved learning about all of the different butterflies and we got a feeling for how it would feel to be in a rainforest. Some of us were really brave and held a minibeast! 

Safe Searching Online

In esafety this week we have been learning how to safe search online. We made posters giving top tips such as check spelling, be precise and always tell your grown up if something pops up that you don’t like. We enjoyed going on the iPads to research about jungle animals.

Guru Nanak and the Hungry

During RE we have been learning about Guru Nanak. We learned the story of ‘Guru Nanak and the Hungry’. We enjoyed going outside to act out the story. 

Questions about Sikhism

This week in RE we are learning about Sikhism. Before we began our learning, we looked at some Sikh artefacts including the 5 Ks and asked some questions that we had. 

During Science we set up our own experiment so that we could see how light, water and temperature impacts plant growth. We predict that the plant with no water will grow the least. 

Sharing Our Stories

On Friday afternoon we enjoyed sharing our stories with reception. Our stories were adapted versions of ‘Superkid’. We read our stories with great expression. Reception were fantastic listeners! 

Super Cars!

During design and technology we created our own super mobiles. We worked in partners to build our cars and then had lots of fun testing how fast they could go! 

Comic Strips

In art we created comic strips for a superhero scene. We went round our pictures with black pen to allow them to stand out, we added movement lines and we really enjoyed adding speech and thought bubbles to bring our pictures to life. Super work 2F! 

Pop-Up Pictures

During design and technology we had lots of fun making superhero pop up pictures. We added mechanisms including a spring and a flap. It was so much fun! 

Home Learning

Well done Hugo! Hugo has produced a great poster at home all about our real life superheroes. Great work! 

Villain Bases

We had lots of fun making a villains base out of Lego. We thought carefully about what we would include if we were a villain and wanted our own base. We wanted a look out tower to keep an eye on our enemies, a tall wall to protect us from harm and booby traps because we are evil! 

Guess My 3D Shape

During Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We enjoyed playing ‘guess my shape’ where the children pick any 3D shape and describe it to their partner. They must describe their shape using key vocabulary such as faces, edges and vertices. 

Let’s Rock!

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During music this half term we are looking at rock music. The children have really enjoyed listening to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. 

Let’s Magpie!

We have started to magpie some of our favourite words from superhero books. We will try and use these words to improve our own writing! 

Superhero Hook Day

We had so much fun on our superhero hook. When we arrived to school we were shocked to see that a crime had taken place in year 2... the Evil Pea had stolen our marble jars!! We had to work together as a team to solve riddles and code breakers to find out where the marble jar and marbles were. At lunch time, we received a letter from the Evil Pea to say that he was impressed with our superhero skills! However, he also said that he was going to return to steal marble jars from year 1 and reception. How dare he! We decided to practise our superhero skills including flying, climbing and super speed. We made WANTED posters to warn others about the Evil Pea and we also made traps to try and catch him if he returns... MWAH HA HA! He will never defeat year 2. 

Tally Charts

In maths we have been learning how to create a tally chart. We asked our peers what their favourite drink was. Fizzy drinks were a clear winner in 2F! 

Delightful Decorations

Year 2 have been using fine motor skills to sew their own Christmas bauble. 

Year 2 Christmas Stall

We had so much fun at our Christmas fair selling what we had made on our hook day a couple of weeks ago. We are now thinking about what we are going to do with our profit. 


During computing we learned about algorithms. We had lots of fun looking at different games where a specific algorithm allows the player to move onto the next level. It was so much fun! 

Keeping Healthy!

In Science this week we are learning how to keep healthy. We have discussed the importance of having a balanced diet and exercising regularly to keep fit. We had lots of fun exercising in the classroom and counting how many star jumps/hops/etc we could do in one minute. 

Emily Brown and Father Christmas

As a class we created our story map for ‘Emily Brown and Father Christmas’. Afterwards, we had fun acting out the story using some actions to help us. We try to use story telling vocabulary such as ‘after that’ and ‘a little while later’ so that it will enhance our writing. 

Talk for Writing

This half term we are learning how to write a story. Together we made our writers tool box. Our first talk for writing text is ‘Emily Brown and Father Christmas’. 

Christmas Hook Day!

This half term our topic is Christmas. We had an enterprise day for our hook day. It was so much fun! In the morning the children made hot chocolate reindeers, Christmas tree decorations, gift tags and bookmarks. We are going to be selling these items at the Christmas fair. During the afternoon, we decided what prices we are going to charge customers for our items. We ensured that our prices will enable us to make profit, whilst also being reasonable so to encourage customers to buy more. 

Please support us at our Christmas stall on the 29th November 2019. The stall will be in 20. 

Kinetic Sculptures

In Art we created kinetic wind sculptures. Kinetic sculptures are sculptures that can move. 

Fact hunt!

In English we had an exciting fact hunt. We searched for facts about London and tried to take down any key information that we learned. The information will help the children to write a piece of non fiction writing about London 😊. 

Everyday Materials

During Science we have been learning about how the shape of objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

Learning at home

Amalie has been enjoying our topic so much that she has been doing extra learning at home. She created a beautiful version of ‘A Walk in London’. Well done Amalie, super work!

Our Science Investigation

In Science we investigated which material would be most suitable for a tent. We tested the materials to see if they were opaque, waterproof and strong. We found that the plastic sheet was the best material for the job! Afterwards we worked in groups to make our tent. It was a bit tricky but lots of fun. 

Hot Write

A beautiful hot write produced by Felicity. She has used wonderful adjectives and used some of our core vocabulary that we have learned in topic. Well done Felicity! 


In science the children have been looking at materials. We looked at a range of objects that are made from different materials and labelled them with their properties. We learned that transparent means that you can see through the object and opaque means that you cannot see through the object. 

Making London in DT

We had lots of fun in design and technology. We used cardboard to make London. We made buildings such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London eye. We used a map of London to help us put the landmarks in the correct places. We used directional language such as north, east, south and west to explain where landmarks are. 

Getting creative!

On Friday we had an artistic afternoon! We had lots of fun drawing physical and human features that we saw on Church Lane. We used paint, oil pastels or felt tips to create our masterpieces! 

A walk down Church Lane

During geography 2F went on a walk down Church Lane. We went to look at physical and human features. We saw physical features such as tall trees, fresh grass and green bushes. We saw human features such as grey roads, a tall church and strong gates. We had lots of fun learning outdoors, especially as the weather was glorious! 

Katie in London

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During talk for writing (English), we added actions to help us remember the story of Katie in London. Here is video to show you part of our story. 

We had the best afternoon with LEGO City. We had so much fun learning about the different buildings in a city. We worked in teams to build schools, fire stations, police stations, train stations and lots more. 

Religious Education

During RE this week we are learning about Islam. We have learned that Allah is the Arabic word for God. During the lesson we discussed that some things in life exist but we can’t see them, just like God. We thought about where we think God might be. The children produced beautiful art work to portray their thoughts. 

Constructing London Landmarks

Our topic this half term is ‘Life in the City’. On Friday the children had lots of fun using lego or knex to build famous landmarks in London. The children particularly loved making the London Eye and Big Ben. 

Building Our Writing Toolkit

In English this half term we are learning how to write a recount. We are using ‘Katie in London’ to help us with our learning. We looked at an example of a perfect recount and worked in partners to find which parts of the recount we thought were excellent. After that, the children used the recount to make their ‘writing toolkit’. They thought of ‘tools’ that they will need to write a recount such as past tense, adjectives and using time words such as next and after that. The word ‘tall’ reminds the children that they need work on their handwriting, particularly making sure that they make tall letters (d, l, t) tall, and short letters (a, e, u) short.