Today went to explore the different parts of the Easter story. Then we came into class to play pass the parcel, inside each layer was an egg and part of the story. We enjoyed sequencing the story together. 

In art this week, we have been exploring drawing, clay and lots of different materials. We looked at art from all around the world. 

On Red Nose Day we dressed up as superheroes, unicorns and other mystical creatures. We loved playing pass the nose with our spoons!

Science day

We had an amazing time on Science day. We learnt about lots of scientists and we designed a coat for a dog. We then tested lots of materials to see which would keep a dog warm for the most amount of time. 

Please sponsor us to walk like different animals on 25th March! We are raising money for the RSPCA. We learnt a lot about what they do and why this charity needs our help. 

World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day. In class we played book bingo with our partners. 

Zoolab came to visit Us in Year One this week. We had a great time going on an animal hunt and seeing a range of animals. We met a rat, snake, tarantula, millipede and giant land snail. We loved holding the animals and finding out lots of facts about them. 


In Geography, we have been comparing a city in the United Kingdom to a town in Greenland. We learnt about the Arctic Circle and discussed the weather, houses and activities people would do. 

During our RE lessons, we have been learning about Hinduism. We explored lots of artefacts and asked a lot of questions about each one. 

Landing on the moon

Whilst learning about explorers, we watched Neil Armstrong land on the moon. Then we spent some time in groups acting it out. 

Explorers hook day

Today we were explorers. The queen sent us a letter asking for Year One to explore a new land. We made a list of everything we needed to take with us and made some binoculars, so we didn’t miss any new fruits or animals. Using our maps we found the best route to take. We all enjoyed the adventure!


Our topic this half term was homes. We looked at homes from the past and homes around the world. We compared all the homes and discussed ways to build our own. In class, we had lots of fun building our own houses for the Three Little Pigs. 

Phonics fun

In phonics we have been enjoying learning lots of new phonemes and playing games. We like to play roll and read. 

Exploring materials

In Year One we have been testing materials to see which would be best to repair an umbrella with. We enjoyed seeing what happened to each material. 

Sorting objects

Celebrating ways we are the same

As part of our Jigsaw lessons, we have been discussing ways we are the same to our partners in class. We drew them onto a T-shirt for our gingerbread man. 

Hook Day

On Friday, we went to the woodland area of our school. We listened carefully to the story of the Three Little Pigs and created houses for them made out of sticks. Then we acted like the big bad wolf and tried to blow them down. They all stayed up! 

What is the creator like?

This week in RE, we have been learning about the world and we went outside to look at all of the wonderful creations. We have been discussing what we think the creator of a beautiful place would be like. 


As part of our computing lessons, we have been giving the bee-bots instructions and then debugging them if they went wrong. 

Art lessons

In art this week we have been learning about Giuseppe Arcimboldo and creating art in his style. We have used a range of materials such as oil pastels, colouring pencils and natural objects. 

Phonics games

This week we have enjoyed playing phonics games to recap the phonemes we have been learning. 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

In Talk for Writing this week, we have been learning the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We had lots of fun putting actions to our story map to help us retell the story. 

Prayer spaces

1S have enjoyed using the prayer space in the classroom to say their own private prayers and think about God. 

Looking for signs of autumn

In science we have been learning about the seasons. Today we went on a walk around the playground to see what signs of autumn there was. 

E-safety worry boxes

We have been learning about keeping safe online. We made worry boxes to keep at home and put in any worries and concerns we have so we can talk about them with a grown up.