The Jewish Synagogue

The Jewish Synagogue 1
The Jewish Synagogue 2
The Jewish Synagogue 3
The Jewish Synagogue 4

We have learning about the Jewish Synagogue and looking at the different artefacts you might find in the Synagogue. 

We asked lots of questions about them! 

Stretchy (not smelly!) socks

Stretchy (not smelly!) socks 1
Stretchy (not smelly!) socks 2
Stretchy (not smelly!) socks 3

We have been investigating how stretchy different socks are. We worked well in our teams whilst measuring the lengths using strips of paper. 

The Three Little Pigs at Coombe Abbey!

We had a fantastic time at Coombe Abbey today!

We listened carefully to the story of The Three Little Pigs before we built a house of sticks for the pigs. We worked well in our teams and helped each other to carry the sticks and logs. Afterwards we looked at each house and tried to blow them down. They all stayed standing and the Big Bad Wolf was defeated by our sturdy houses. 

Days of the Week.

Days of the Week. 1
Days of the Week. 2
Days of the Week. 3
Days of the Week. 4
Days of the Week. 5
Days of the Week. 6

This morning we have been practising spelling the days of the week in lots of different and fun ways. We need to keep practising spelling the days of the week and this is something we can do at home. 

Please send in any photos of you practising this in a fun or interesting way!! 


Still image for this video

As a celebration of our Seasons topic this half term we learnt an Autumn song. Enjoy! 


Today we programed a Bee-Bot with an algorithm to find treasure on a pirate's map. Then we worked in groups to write our own algorithm which we then gave to another group to program into the Bee-Bot. 

The Creation Story

The Creation Story 1

We have spent this week finding out about the Creation Story. 

We went outside and thought of words to describe our wonderful world. 

Our Five Senses

Our Five Senses 1
Our Five Senses 2
Our Five Senses 3

This week in Science we have been exploring our five senses. One of the lessons we found out about our sense of smell by smelling different smells whilst blindfolded and then guessing what it was. We were very good at guessing! 


Jigsaw 1

We have started a new PSHE scheme called Jigsaw. Today we all said "Hello" to Jigsaw Jack before talking about how we can help each other to learn in the classroom. 

Class Star!

Class Star! 1

We have a star in the classroom! 

This star hangs off the back of a child's chair who is being a star in the classroom during the day. 

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1

We have been learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo this week. The children have found out about his life as well as some of the art he created. We have been using a variety of different media to create our own pieces of work in the style of Arcimboldo. The above piece is called 'Autumn'. We created it as a class using lots of Autumn leaves, conkers, apples and twigs. 

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing 1

We can talk the story of 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' using our class story map. We also have created actions for each part of the story. 

We went for a walk around the school grounds hunting for signs of Autumn. We found different coloured leaves, berries and acorns. 

We are going to make an Autumn nature table in the classroom so we will be hunting for signs of Autumn at home too. 

Countryside Ramble.

We had lots of fun when we went on our ramble. 

We used our senses to talk about all the things around us. 

Counting Shapes.

Counting Shapes. 1
Counting Shapes. 2
Counting Shapes. 3
Counting Shapes. 4
Counting Shapes. 5
Counting Shapes. 6
Counting Shapes. 7

We worked well with our partners creating pictures using 2D shapes. Afterwards we counted how many we had of each shape.

Writing numbers 0-10

We have been practising writing numbers from 0-10 in lots of different ways. We enjoyed writing on the playground using chalk. 

Painting Fun!

Painting Fun! 1
Painting Fun! 2
Painting Fun! 3
Painting Fun! 4
Painting Fun! 5
Painting Fun! 6

We have started to create a Seasons Tree for our topic display. We had fun painting our hands to create the different leaves.