The Little Red Hen Sculptures 🐔

Today we made sculptures using sticks, blu tac and wool. We had to try and create a character or object from the story of the Little Red Hen. We collected what we needed first before working with a partner or as part of a group to make the sculpture. The children demonstrated perseverance and good communication skills. Well Done 1M 😀😀😀

Design and Technology. As part of our Wacky Windmills work we used different materials to explore what would make a strong base.

Jack and the Three Rock Trolls.

This week we have worked as a class to change the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ to ‘Jack and the Three Rock Trolls’. The children gave me lots of good ideas when creating the story map. After I had showed the children how to use the story map to write the story, the children had a go themselves. Here are just a few…..

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 👩🏼‍🦱🐻🐻🐻

In computing, this afternoon, we used the app You Doodle on the iPad to create pictures from our class story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. 

Identifying Plants 🌷🌼

Today we started to learn about identifying plants. First of all we needed to make sure we all knew what a plant was. We went for a walk around the school grounds and realised that plants can be flowers, bushes and trees! We used the i-pads to take some photos of the plants that we spotted. Once back in the classroom we learnt the names of some flowers and trees that we might find in our gardens. 

We had a fun day learning all about Traditional Tales. We dressed up as different fairy tale characters, thought of lots of different traditional tales and went on a traditional tale hunt of the common exception words. We then acted out the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' before trying some porridge. We think the porridge was just right!!! 

Using a mouse…🐭

Today we have been practising using the mouse on a laptop to copy pictures of a fish into a PowerPoint presentation.

Red Nose Day!

We had a fab Red Nose Day, dressing up as fantasy characters and passing a red nose around the whole school using spoons!!

Aboriginal Dot Art

Today we travelled to Australia and found out about animals from that country. We also looked at Aboriginal dot art and then went on to create our own artwork using dot art. 

Clay Elephants 🐘

We created some elephants out of clay today in Art. We used a rolling pin to flatten the clay and then clay tools to cut out the elephant using a template. We then added some patterns. 

The suffix -ing.

In English today, we have been practising spelling words with the suffix -ing. 

We are going to be raising money for the RSPCA!

As a year group we have decided to raise some money for the RSPCA. Today, we learnt about what the RSPCA does and then planned what we were going to do. We have decided to do a sponsored animal walk around the playground. I wonder how many laps we will do? 

World Book Day 📕📗📘📙

Zoolab 🕷🐌🐍🐀

Today we went on an animal hunt! We weren’t scared because we had our friends with us. On our animal hunt we found a tarantula, millipede, a giant snail, a corn snake and a rat (whose name was Remi). We learnt lots of facts about all of the animals including that the millipede has 260 legs and a snail is related to the octopus!! 


Today we have been learning about the Festival of Colours, Holi. We watched a video of a little boy sharing his experiences of Holi and thought that the throwing of coloured powdered paint looked fun! We then danced to a song about Holi using coloured fabric to represent the powdered paint. 

Designing a front cover……

Yesterday we wrote our own stories based on the book ‘Bob’s Best Ever Friend’. These fantastic stories needed a front cover so today we designed front covers for our stories. We made sure they were bright and colourful.

Diwali 🎇

In RE today we have been finding out about Diwali, the Festival of Lights. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita before finding out how Hindu’s celebrate this festival. We then created our own colourful rangoli patterns. 

Jigsaw - Dreams and Goals.

In Jigsaw this week we were given a new challenge and goal to achieve. We had to follow instructions to make a stretchy flower. 

The Moon Landing….

Still image for this video

Planets 🪐

In English this morning we learnt about the planets in our solar system. We then created our own planets - they were very colourful! These new planets will be used as settings for stories we will write soon. 

Explorer Day 😀

Explorer Day! 
We had a fantastic day being explorers!
We received a letter from the Queen telling us to go and find a new land but before we set off we needed to write a list of everything we needed, plan a route on a map and make some binoculars. We set off on a grey day and had to cross a raging river before we reached this new land. Once we had arrived we discovered some strange new creatures. 

Making a house for the Three Little Pigs.

After producing some excellent designs yesterday, today, the children used those designs to make a brick house for the Three Little Pigs. The children had to make sure they covered the box so that there were no holes (we didn’t want the pigs to be cold) and then draw the doors and windows. Finally they added the chimney (or chimneys) for when the wolf came along to slide down it. 

Designing a House

Today we designed houses for the third little pig. We thought about resources we will need to make the house tomorrow. 

The Three Little Sheep.

In English today we changed the story map of The Three Little Pigs and created our own story called The Three Little Sheep. We thought of new characters, ideas for the materials of the houses and a new ending for the bad character, which is now a lion. We helped Mrs Metcalfe with her drawings for the new map. 

RE - Judaism

Today we have been looking at Jewish artefacts as well as the different features inside a synagogue. We thought of some questions about them such as ‘Why is the writing on the Jew’s holy book different to ours?’ and ‘Why does the light in the synagogue shine so bright?’ We then learnt that the holy book is called the Torah and they are placed in a special cupboard called an Ark.

Visit to St Andrew’s Church.

Helping the BBC!

Today we helped the BBC Bitesize team by reviewing some new videos and work they are going to be putting onto the BBC Bitesize website. The work was about two world faiths, Hinduism and Sikhism. After we had completed the activities we answered some questions about what we had been doing before colouring in a colouring sheet that the BBC had sent to us. 

Waterproof Experiment.

Howard has a hole in his umbrella and today he asked us to find a waterproof material that he could use to patch it up. We predicted which materials we thought might be waterproof before experimenting and finding out.

The Three Little Pigs in the Wild Area!

What a fun afternoon we have had! We put on our warm clothes and our wellies and headed to the wild area in the school grounds. We listened and joined in with the story of The Three Little Pigs before building some homes for the pigs out of sticks. The Big Bad Wolf came along and tried to blow them down but they were so strong they stayed standing. 

Bee-bots 🐝

We have been using the Bee-bots during our Computing lessons. We practised making them move first, learning which buttons did what, before programming them with an algorithm to find the treasure on the treasure map. 

Being thankful….

This week we have been marvelling at God’s beautiful world. We know that some Christians believe that God made the world in seven days. We also thought about how thankful we are for God’s world and all that it provides. We wrote some prayers to thank God for our favourite food. Most of us were thankful for chocolate! 🍫

Rainbow Parrot, Rainbow Parrot…..

In our ‘Talk for Writing’ lessons this week we have created our own story ‘Rainbow Parrot, Rainbow Parrot’ based on the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. We worked together, as a class, to think of new characters and helped Mrs Metcalfe create a story map, We then had a go at writing the story on our own after we had helped Mrs Metcalfe write it first. We think our story is great! 

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

This week during our Layered Learning lessons we have been learning about the Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and how he liked to paint portraits. Today, we created two portraits using different leaves, flowers, conkers and other natural materials. We are very pleased with what we have created! 

Shapes 🟢🔺🟪

Today we have been naming, sorting and counting 2D and 3D shapes. One of our activities was to create a picture using 2D shapes. 

Counting to 10.

We have been practising counting different amounts up to 10. We had to count carefully making sure we didn’t miss a counter. 

Alphabetical Order!

We have been learning the order of the alphabet and matching capital letters to lower case letters. We worked well in our groups to match the top of the ice cream to the bottom part.