Bee-bots 🐝

We have been using the Bee-bots during our Computing lessons. We practised making them move first, learning which buttons did what, before programming them with an algorithm to find the treasure on the treasure map. 

Being thankful….

This week we have been marvelling at God’s beautiful world. We know that some Christians believe that God made the world in seven days. We also thought about how thankful we are for God’s world and all that it provides. We wrote some prayers to thank God for our favourite food. Most of us were thankful for chocolate! 🍫

Rainbow Parrot, Rainbow Parrot…..

In our ‘Talk for Writing’ lessons this week we have created our own story ‘Rainbow Parrot, Rainbow Parrot’ based on the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’. We worked together, as a class, to think of new characters and helped Mrs Metcalfe create a story map, We then had a go at writing the story on our own after we had helped Mrs Metcalfe write it first. We think our story is great! 

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

This week during our Layered Learning lessons we have been learning about the Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and how he liked to paint portraits. Today, we created two portraits using different leaves, flowers, conkers and other natural materials. We are very pleased with what we have created! 

Shapes 🟢🔺🟪

Today we have been naming, sorting and counting 2D and 3D shapes. One of our activities was to create a picture using 2D shapes. 

Counting to 10.

We have been practising counting different amounts up to 10. We had to count carefully making sure we didn’t miss a counter. 

Alphabetical Order!

We have been learning the order of the alphabet and matching capital letters to lower case letters. We worked well in our groups to match the top of the ice cream to the bottom part.