Super pirate work 1M! 

I think some of you can now set sail on the seven seas to go on adventures looking for hidden treasure. 

We have created self portraits of ourselves using lots of different media.

Have a look πŸ‘€. Can you guess who is in each picture?

VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 1
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 2
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 3 Yum πŸ˜‹
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 4
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 5
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 6 Building an air raid shelter in the back garden.
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 7 Mrs Metcalfe with Daniel and James.
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 8 Yummy scones πŸ˜‹
VE Day πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ 9

We have been celebrating 75 years since VE Day with our families at home. We have made bunting, baked scones and cakes and have sat outside to have picnics. 


Messages from your teachers......

Still image for this video

The Seaside

The Seaside 1
The Seaside 2
The Seaside 3
The Seaside 4
The Seaside 5
The Seaside 6

This week our home learning topic is 'The Seaside'. We have been comparing what clothes would have been worn on the beach over a hundred years ago to clothes we wear on the beach today. 

Here are some of the super pieces of work that have been sent to me. 

Letters to each other........

Letters to each other........ 1
Letters to each other........ 2
Letters to each other........ 3
Letters to each other........ 4
Letters to each other........ 5
Letters to each other........ 6
Letters to each other........ 7
Letters to each other........ 8
Letters to each other........ 9
Letters to each other........ 10
Letters to each other........ 11
Letters to each other........ 12
Letters to each other........ 13
Letters to each other........ 14
Letters to each other........ 15
Letters to each other........ 16
Letters to each other........ 17
Letters to each other........ 18
Letters to each other........ 19
Letters to each other........ 20
Letters to each other........ 21
Letters to each other........ 22
Letters to each other........ 23
Letters to each other........ 24
Letters to each other........ 25
Letters to each other........ 26
Letters to each other........ 27
Letters to each other........ 28

What wonderful letters 1M! 

You have all brought a little tear to my eye.

You have all been very busy - doing lots of school work, being outside in the garden and doing Joe Wicks' workout. I had a go this morning - I was exhausted by the end!!! 

We all miss each other and I miss you lots BUT remember we will see each other soon. Keep yourselves busy, keep helping out your grown ups and keep working hard at your school work. 

Love from Mrs Metcalfe 

WOW! 1M are super artists!

We have all enjoyed creating these colourful parrots.

Even Mrs Metcalfe had a go.......

Days, months and years.......

Days, months and years....... 1
Days, months and years....... 2
Days, months and years....... 3
Days, months and years....... 4

We have been working hard making posters about the days in a week, months of the year and days in a year. 

I have picked out a few posters to share with you. You might notice a theme!! 

Fun physical activities for you to do at home......

Talk for Writing!

Talk for Writing! 1

This is our new 'Talk for Writing' map. 

We have changed 'Mr Tiger Goes Wild' to 'Mrs Elephant Gets Noisy!'

Can your child re-tell the story to you? 

Jigsaw - Safe or not safe?

Jigsaw - Safe or not safe?  1
Jigsaw - Safe or not safe?  2
Jigsaw - Safe or not safe?  3

We have been discussing which things around the home are safe for us to use and which things are not safe for us to use. We agreed on some of the objects but not on others. We had to then give our reasons for why they were safe or not safe. 


Mini-beasts! 1
Mini-beasts! 2
Mini-beasts! 3
Mini-beasts! 4
Mini-beasts! 5
Mini-beasts! 6

We went on a hunt for mini-beasts this afternoon.

We found LOTS of worms!! 

-ing suffix......

We have spent time this week learning how to spell words with the -ing suffix. 

We hunted in book for -ing words - we found some fantastic words such as galumphing and wiggling! We added them to our Magpie Wall. 


We acted out different verbs that used the -ing suffix, did a spelling test with our friends, matched root words with the -ing word and did a look, cover, write, check sheet. 

We had a very exciting afternoon meeting and finding out about Bertha the Giant African Land Snail, Star the Tarantula, Millie the Millipede, Pogo the Australian Tree Frog, Dolly the Corn Snake and Matilda the Rat. We can't wait to find out lots more about different types of animals this half term. 

We had a great time finding out about Hinduism and Asian culture. Mrs Street showed us different types of Asian clothes - we couldn't believe how long the sari was! She also told us all about what happens when visiting the Mandir (temple) and showed us some Hindu gods and goddesses. We learnt how to greet each other by saying Namaste and how to say our name in Bengali. We used all of our senses - smelling insense, feeling uncooked rice and tasting lots of yummy food including chicken curry, brown rice, poppadoms, naan and Indian sweets. We also tried out some Asian dance, yoga and meditation.  

We enjoyed dancing with coloured scarves to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. 

We found out about the Hindu festival of Diwali in R.E. today. 

We went outside to act out the story and then we created our own Rangoli patterns. 

Ganesh and the Conch Shell........

Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 1
Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 2
Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 3
Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 4
Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 5
Ganesh and the Conch Shell........ 6

This afternoon, we listened carefully to a story about Ganesh, the elephant- headed God. We then acted out this story that Hindus love to listen to.

3D Shapes!

3D Shapes! 1
3D Shapes! 2
3D Shapes! 3
3D Shapes! 4
3D Shapes! 5
3D Shapes! 6

In Maths, we have been investigating different 3D shapes. We used Play-Doh to make a sphere which we then changed into a cube. We talked about the number and shape of the faces as well as the number of edges and vertices (corners). 

CHALLENGE: How many spheres and cubes can you find around your home? 

English fun!

English fun! 1
English fun! 2
English fun! 3
English fun! 4
English fun! 5
English fun! 6

We had a fun morning playing lots of games in English. 

We have been matching capital letters and lower case letters by playing a game of Bingo. We also matched words that were written in CAPITALS to the same word written in lower case letters. We also talked about the name of a letter compared to the sound the letter made. 

Colourful Front Covers.......

Colourful Front Covers....... 1
Colourful Front Covers....... 2
Colourful Front Covers....... 3
Colourful Front Covers....... 4
Colourful Front Covers....... 5

We have created front covers for the stories we wrote in English based on the book 'Bob's Best Ever Friend'. 

Talk for Writing......

Talk for Writing...... 1

We have worked very hard as a class to change the story of 'The Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)' to the new story of 'The Lady on Mars (a day in the life of Ada).'

The children have been practising talking through the story. Here is the map so they can practise more at home. 

Celebrating great explorers........

Celebrating great explorers........ 1
Celebrating great explorers........ 2
Celebrating great explorers........ 3

We have been debating which explorer was the greatest - Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong! Most of us thought Neil Armstrong was the greatest. We learnt that in America they have a Christopher Columbus Day. We think they should have a Neil Armstrong Day! 

So to celebrate both explorers we made party hats and decorations and had a celebration dance!! 

Our Solar System.....

Our Solar System..... 1

We have been learning about the planets in our Solar System. We acted out how the different planets move around the sun. It was very tricky not to bump into each other! 

We then spent time reading lots of facts about the different planets.

Did you know that Jupiter has 39 moons?!

Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.....

Still image for this video

We have started learning about Neil Armstrong in our afternoon lessons.

Today we acted out taking off in his rocket, landing the Eagle on the moon, being Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon and bouncing along in zero gravity!!