Sports Day

We had an amazing sports day! We loved using the sacks and jumping to the finish line. Well done to everyone for their amazing effort. smiley


In phonics we have been revising all the phonemes we know. We enjoyed playing the different games with our partners. 

Seaside pictures

For our Seaside Hook Day, we made frozen ice-lollies and seaside pictures. We even used real sand! At the end of the day we had an amazing water fight. 

Year One Common Exception words

Counting to 100

Today we have been counting to 100. We found lots of numbers on our hundred square and counted forwards and backwards. As a challenge we had a hundred square jigsaw to solve.

This week we have been exploring Earth Art. We have used lots of natural materials to collage, weave and paint. We enjoyed making the Little Red Riding Hood characters out of leaves and painting them on rocks. 

We are painters

We have been using You Doodle on the iPads to make a story book of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Little Red Hen Windmills

In Year One we have been learning lots of Traditional Tales. As part of our DT lessons we have been making windmills for the Little Red Hen. We looked at the different types of windmills and how to make a base. 

Planting seeds

In science, we have been planting sunflower seeds. We looked at the different parts of plants and compared the different seeds. We will now water our seeds and wait for them to start growing. 

Red Nose Day

We loved dressing up as superheroes for Red Nose Day. 

Animal Art

During our art lessons we have been using a range of materials to make different animals. We have made 3-D art using paper and clay. We really enjoyed using lots of tools to add detail to our clay elephants. 

Mr Tiger Goes Wild

In our Talk For Writing lessons we have been learning the story of Mr Tiger Goes Wild. We loved acting out the story with our puppets. 

Rangoli patterns

This week we have been learning more about Hinduism. We have been looking at the festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated. We made our own rangoli patterns. 

Est words


Jigsaw- Following instructions

In our jigsaw lessons we have been learning to give detailed instructions and how to follow them. 

Designing a planet

We had a lot of fun designing a new planet. 
After reading the letter from the Queen, we got into our explorer outfits and explored a new land. We had to find ways across lakes and mountains. Have a look at some of the creatures we discovered and what we packed for this amazing journey!
In Year One we have been researching the Arctic and igloos. Today we made our own igloos using lots of different materials. As you can see we have used Lego, cotton wool, cake and marshmallows. 

Letter from the Queen


As part of our computing work, we became treasure hunters. We have learnt to give the bee-bot instructions and planned its movements as a group. We thought it was really exciting when the bee-bot started to move. 

Running in PE

During PE this half term we have been learning about running. We have been looking at running circuits. We had lots of fun completing all the different activities. 

Non-negotiable words

We have been learning lots of new words and making sure we spell them correctly. Today we went to the hall and searched for all the words, we carefully wrote them down making sure we spelt them correctly. 


In phonics we have been learning to read consonant clusters. Today we played a game with the blends we have learnt so far, it was lots of fun!

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

We have been learning all about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. As a class we looked for signs of Autumn to create our own portrait.