Pet Rocks

Pet Rocks 1
During Art we made pet rocks. We used thin paint brushes to carefully add the details onto the rocks. We had to concentrate hard and use our fine motor skills. 

Tasting Our Bread

Tasting Our Bread  1
Tasting Our Bread  2
We enjoyed trying our bread. We thought that it tasted pretty good, especially as it was our first time ever baking bread. Well done 1F! 

Our School Trip

We had so much fun on our school trip. We learned how to make bread. We baked our bread the next day. It was scrumptious! 

Money, money, money!

During maths we have been learning all about money. We have learned the different coins and all of the notes. We have started to practise the different ways of making amounts of money. We also had lots of fun buying something from Miss Faulconbridge's pretend shop. 

We are illustrators!

In computing we have been learning how to use paint. We had a go at being illustrators! We designed our own pictures for 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. It was lots of fun!


During gardening club we have lots of fun planting in the 'Forget Me Not' garden. We love watering the plants and watching how they have grown during the week. 

Our Sponsored Walk

On Monday afternoon we took part in a sponsored walk. It lasted for half an hour. It was really fun! We enjoyed some yummy ice lollies afterwards. 


Maths  1
Maths  2
Maths  3
Maths  4
In Maths we were learning how partition numbers into tens and ones. We are trying to understand that there should never be more than 9 counters in the ones column. If we have 10 ones, that is equal to 1 ten. 

Design and Technology

We made yummy ice lollies! 

Design and Technology

Today in 1F we made yummy frozen lolly pops. We carefully cut the strawberries into small pieces to go into the blender. We also decorated digestive biscuits. It was so much fun! 
1F made yummy seaside snacks. We designed and made our own fruit boats. We made our own flags using labels and cocktail sticks. We had to apply our mathematics knowledge to half the label so that it would neatly fold around the cocktail stick. 

Seaside Snacks

Seaside Snacks 1 We made yummy seaside fruit boats.