Sir Teachalot!

Sir Teachalot!  1
Sir Teachalot!  2
Sir Teachalot!  3
Sir Teachalot!  4
Sir Teachalot!  5
Sir Teachalot!  6
Sir Teachalot!  7
Sir Teachalot!  8


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We have had a fantastic day with Sir Teachalot! First he showed us lots of armour and he talked to us about the Battle of Hastings. Some of us were lucky enough to try some on. We all held the chain mail and it was VERY heavy! Then we had so much fun pretending we were on a horse and jousting. We had a competition between 2M and 2S - it was a draw! Finally we learnt how to build a castle so it could be easily defended and then we attacked the castle with a trebuchet. 

Royal Art

Royal Art  1
Royal Art  2
Royal Art  3
Royal Art  4
Royal Art  5
Royal Art  6
Royal Art  7
Royal Art  8
Royal Art  9

Today we continued creating portraits by drawing one of the Queens we learnt about last week. Mrs Metcalfe and Miss Sangar are VERY impressed with our art skills. 

Amazing Art!

This week we have been learning how to create a self portrait. We compared famous paintings and then thought about how we would pose in a self portrait. Here are some examples from the amazing artists in 2M. 


NATWEST Money Workshop

NATWEST Money Workshop 1
NATWEST Money Workshop 2
NATWEST Money Workshop 3

Yesterday we had a visit from some people who work at NATWEST. We all took part in a workshop about money. 

i-movie of Queen Elizabeth II

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We have been making i-movies about Queen Elizabeth II. Here is an example of one of the movies.......

2M's Butterflies

2M's Butterflies 1
2M's Butterflies 2
2M's Butterflies 3
2M's Butterflies 4

Our classroom caterpillars all cocooned in the classroom but unfortunately they did not emerge until the half term holiday when they had gone on holiday to Mrs Metcalfe's house. We had eight butterflies altogether and they flew off happily on a bright, sunny day! 

Shape Fun!

Shape Fun!  1
Shape Fun!  2

This afternoon we had a fun time sorting and describing 2D and 3D shapes. 

Living, Once Lived or Never Lived??

Today we spent time outside looking for things that were living, once lived or had never lived. We used the i-pads to take photographs. Look at some of our photographs and decide whether they were living, once lived or never lived.

Can your child explain why?