We spent time this morning discussing why Jesus had died on the cross. I have taken this quote from a child's piece of work.........


Jesus died on the cross to bring people and God closer together and Jesus will always wipe away your sins for ever and ever. 

The Easter Story

The Easter Story 1
The Easter Story 2
The Easter Story 3
The Easter Story 4
The Easter Story 5

Today we have been learning about the Easter Story. We looked at symbols and artefacts linked to the story of Easter and listened carefully to what happened on each day. 

Look at the photographs - can your child tell you about each part of the Easter story? 

Living, Once Lived or Never Lived??

Today we spent time outside looking for things that were living, once lived or had never lived. We used the i-pads to take photographs. Look at some of our photographs and decide whether they were living, once lived or never lived.

Can your child explain why? 

Fantastic Rainforest Art!

World Book Day!

Rainforest Roadshow!!

Rainforest Roadshow!! 1
Rainforest Roadshow!! 2
Rainforest Roadshow!! 3
Rainforest Roadshow!! 4
Rainforest Roadshow!! 5
Rainforest Roadshow!! 6